Life Without Crossdressing, Transgenderism and/or Gender Confusion

This Site’s Purpose (And mine):    A place for others ( including myself ) that want a change in their lives; that want to live ( completely and truly ) for the first time in their lives separately ( including mine ) from their ( and my ) addictions to living as a Transgendered or Crossdressing individual. Personally I believe the only true way that I can kick this addiction is through allowing God – through His Son, Jesus – to equip me with a heart that’s truly willing to surrender everything that He commands me to, no matter how severe the costs may seem!

This Site’s Name and Title: “Motion Started – Breathing Wanted”  I believe this is an accurate title or label for the action for anyone who’s come to the realization – through becoming a victim to the lies of the lifestyle(s) associated here – that living a life in Transgenderism or Crossdressing leaves an empty place in our hearts that longs to be filled with something that we cannot fill. 

This Site’s Function (and my desire for it): To record & provide insight from my daily life – through its experiences of:  joys, sorrows, wholeness, pains, lies, the Truth, revelations, life & heart impressions, mental & psychological effects, spiritual effects, “The little things”, and so much more!! Everything here I hope will be a “guiding light” – not through my abilities, but through Someone and the only One that can bring about true and undeniable change –  to those that are struggling with this devastating addiction & for those that have loved ones that are caught up in this addiction as well!


5 thoughts on “Life Without Crossdressing, Transgenderism and/or Gender Confusion

  1. I think you are misguided in your belief that christianity will solve anything for you except perhaps give you (Imagined) hope.. Living a real life is much more important. If Jesus, had a scintilla of compassion, he would not allocate transgendered lives to people. As for such a thing being a test, what sort of psychopath would administer such a test???
    Look I don’t mean to burst you bubble, I feel you are leaving yourself open to even more heartache ans self doubt.
    That said I wish you well in your search!

    • [Yes, I’m aware it’s been almost 3 years. I thought it worthwhile to reply anyway.]

      From a purely scientific perspective (i.e. using only my knowledge of scientific articles), it is extremely likely that the desires of those with `transgendered lives`, as you phrased it, is a misinterpretation of their own desires.

      For example:
      Fact 1. I grew up emotionally abused by my dad, and I desired a daddy who loved me.
      Fact 2. The way I feel loved is through physical touch.
      Fact 3. The only way I knew how to easily get physically intimate contact with another man was through sex.
      Fact 4. At that time, enough people in society were teaching us that homosexuality is perfectly fine that it was easier to ignore those saying it was wrong, and it was incredibly easy to hook up with people through the internet.

      So what do you expect that I did? For over 7 years, I thought I was sexually attracted to men, when in reality it is highly likely that I misinterpreted two separate desires as linked together. I gave all that up to Jesus 4 years ago. Just a few months ago, I realized that I no longer have sexual desire to be with men, which further supports this hypothesis. I still want a masculine figure who I know loves me, but sex has nothing to do with that.

      The point is: Jesus is not necessarily at fault for those with transgendered desires. We don’t even have to get into the Bible to see that fact.

      Furthermore, I still suffer. A lot. In fact, my suffering is arguably worse than before submitting to Jesus. I also have incredible joy, the likes of which I never knew before, and which I can’t explain to you.

      Furthermore, because of Jesus, enduring through suffering proves my love for Him (see James 1:12), AND I get an eternal reward for suffering a finite number of years (e.g. 1 Corinthians 4:16-18)! AWESOME!! Bring on more!

      Believe me, it’s been a taste of Hell, following Jesus.

      But you know what? It’s been worth every second.

      Jesus is no psychopath. He is True God and Eternal Life, who suffers right alongside us. We are responsible for our suffering because of our sin, but He gladly paid for our sin with his life, all so that He could bring us home to Him. We have a living Hope, founded in something real. This relationship is what we call love, and you are invited to join us. You don’t have to, but if you refuse, know this: on the day of Judgment, you won’t be able to say that you didn’t have a chance to repent and come to Him. It’s offered to you every moment that you draw breath.

      Just come.

  2. Just came across your blog today and I wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and struggle. I plan on reading through your other posts, and I’m thankful that you’re still posting and keeping this up to date. I’ve been dealing with the desires, attractions, addictions, etc myself and though our ultimate companion in the fight is Christ, it’s somehow comforting to know there’s others in the trenches who are slogging their way through the same things.

    I created a WordPress account just so I could reply. Who knows, maybe I’ll blog a bit about my own path & struggles along the way. Blessings, Brother.

    • Thank you very much, Maxwell! Your comment is uplifting to my heart that happens to be, at the moment, “slogging their way through”. (Using this quote of yours is very fitting at the moment 🙂

      I’m glad to know that through this blog you found reassurance of hope. . . at least that’s what I perceived to see in your words! : ) All I know is it’s a reassurance to me, at the very least, to see that someone would create an account so they could reply.

      As for posts, I’ve fairly limited. And my site here is mostly on a bit more of random thoughts and experiences that are hardly “fancy”. My posts are quite casual. But feel free to look at them! I won’t turn you down! hehe.

      Feel more than free to comment or share anything that’s on your heart. Just to be honest with you, I’m no expert, so I cannot promise you that I’ll be able to respond with all “knowledge and understanding”. But I’ll try to do my part to be a support!

      If you are searching for answers and the Truth behind the lies and the completely devastating effects of this addiction, I highly recommend you click on the link under “Fighters I Adore!” – which is on the right-hand side of the page. Just scroll down till you see that. It’s a link to a pastor who has made awe-inspiring leaps toward restoration – through the work of a God that promises to never quit on us – in his personal life with this addiction. His Alias name: Thorin25 He’ll greet you warmly I know for a fact, and he’ll share his recommendations with you if you’re sincere about fighting this… even then, He’ll try to give you some helpful insight if he can. His link is ( thought I might as well just give it to you. It’ll make it easier. )

      Thank you again, Maxwell!

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