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Spending 48 Hours Intimately Bonded and Content With My Saviour. . . Without Any Want/Need for Crossdressing! (Part 1)

This Sunday and Monday – the 5th and 6th of May – included some of the most heart-opening experiences in my entire life!  Normally I’d try to cover every single, nitty-gritty  detail of what I would want to write in a post,… but if I do that, I’ll never complete it, and it’ll be written out of compulsion. And I don’t wish for that to happen.

To put it simply, I was blessed with God opening my heart up to Him to the point where I was in a state of complete & total contentment in Him. . . and HIM ALONE! No crossdressing was desired! No staring at women and/or their appearance, clothing, etc. and wanting that!  . . .  I was truly blessed with being content with who I was in Him – my Saviour – . . . and the thing that surprised me all-the-more, was the fact that I was truly content with who God created me to be – who I am. I was blessed with a true thankfulness for who I am, what I am, where I’m currently at in life. I even was thankful for being created a guy and not a woman! I was thankful for my unique personality and abilities that He has given me . . . all of that with His never-ending love that was, and is, and will always be  truly perfected!!

I have come to understand that Jesus already died – and yes, several of us have heard that SO many times, and out of that several, there are still many that want to  scream because they simply don’t get it! ( I’m one of them)  Though, recently, the fact that Jesus has died for me has started to become A LOT more clear to what that really means – in a more “heart-like” sense.  . . If we have Jesus, then WE HAVE THE RIGHT to FIGHT to live for Him everyday! Everyday, we can be content in Him. . . we can fight for our right to hold onto the reality that we have EVERYTHING with Him, and nothing when we do not!

A couple of years ago a Christian pastor and author by the name of Tullian Tchividjian wrote a book called :   Jesus + Nothing = Everything  . . .  And it didn’t “click” till a few days ago that, “Umm. . . wow!! That’s it!!”

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A List of Transgender-Common Symptom

A List of Transgender-Common Symptom

This isn’t my link, but I found this link interesting for a list of common symptoms found among 80 pre and post-transsexual “MTFs”.   http://www.wheregraceabounds.org/resources/transgender.shtml