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From an Event-to-Belief-to-Feeling-to-Behavior ~~~

When I was with my therapist last week, we were discussing how much I cleverly cover or bury my feelings, thoughts, etc, after barely acknowledging them – in other words, I wouldn’t truly acknowledge them.  And even while we were in our session, He would have to keep “taking command” to make sure that I wouldn’t deviate from this process of trying to uncover the core of the feelings or the thoughts that we were concentrating on at the time. In some form of “unwillingness” I would evade the questions that he would try to ask me about that certain something at the time… or I would answer the question with a question, or offer an opinion instead. I’d constantly ask for clarification in the question. Though the questions were usually quite simple and straight-forth. Though, I honestly was confused immensely by his questions. I believe in part because I’d look at the question and analyse the question to its core, trying to find a “deeper meaning behind the question”.  <—- Over-Intellectualizing Type  (A form of hiding from authority, adulthood, our Good and “bad” selves – used by John Townsend in his book “Hiding From Love” )

Anywho, one of the ways that my therapist gave me a way to look at and think about whenever I’d start feeling really bad, or if I would start to notice something wasn’t quite right, He referred me to the “ABCD’s of the 4 aspects of an emotion”  (At least that’s what a website I found referred to it as)

“A” : Activating Event (Any external “anything” that starts the cycle of the Emotion)

“B” : Belief (this can be a one-word statement that’s in regards to the Activating Event)

“C” : Consequential Feeling ( The feeling(s) that you experience in response to your “Belief System” bases on how you respond to the Activating event. Though the feelings are the result of the “Belief”, ( The thought(s) that you’re experiencing and the result from those )

“D” : Decisive Behavior ( a behavior that you exhibit that “gives shape” to your feeling(s)