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A Thoughts/Feelings OVERLOAD!!

I don’t know about others that happen to struggle with Crossdressing, Transgenderism, Gender Confusion… or even homosexuality… well, let me make it a more open field for others:  Anyone who struggles with their identity – whether you may consider it sexual or gender or whatever…   Anywho, when anyone in the above condition, have you ever experienced a total overload of feeling, thoughts, words, imagery? To get more precise, where when you sense that you’re compelled to keep yourself accountable – to God ultimately – but you also feel compelled to expose this with someone safe and who can keep you accountable about your struggles, but. . . .  you have more thoughts, feeling, words, imagery and multiple, separate occurrence of all of the above,  that when you try to let someone else know about these things you’ve had in your head, you cannot get it out!!


You’re truly overloaded and you cannot even get even one single occurrence with one complete thought from your head and out of your mouth!!


I hope someone understood this post. I apologize for the run-on sentences.  But does anyone else understand this??  I’m truly confused about this!


~   Michael . . . ~


About This Site – 1:

A place for others ( including myself ) that want a change in their lives; that want to live ( completely and truly ) for the first time in their lives separately ( including mine ) from their ( and my ) addictions to living as a Transgendered or Crossdressing individual. Personally I believe the only true way that I can kick this addiction is through allowing God – through His Son, Jesus – to equip me with a heart that’s truly willing to surrender everything that He commands me to, no matter how severe the costs may seem!

Motion Started – Breathing Wanted

The Title: “Motion Started – Breathing Wanted”  I believe is an accurate title or label for the action for anyone who’s come to the realization – through becoming a victim to the lies of the lifestyle(s) associated here – that living a life in Transgenderism or Crossdressing leaves an empty place in our hearts that longs to be filled with something that we cannot fill.